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Rachel Mein

Artist Bio:
Rachel is a Multidisciplinary Visual Artist. She learned to sew at the age of 10 and has continued to develop her skills, applying her knowledge of sewing to the art of embroidery. Starting with small images on t-shirts, her work grew into intricate portraits and beaded, abstract landscapes. Rachel’s work has been showcased at The Alton Mill, The Museum of Dufferin, the Toronto Hippie Market and featured in In The Hills Magazine.
Rachel is passionate about adding art into everyday life through the medium of embroidery. Tote-bags, vintage clothing, pin badges - if it is made of fabric, Rach will embroider on it!
Rachel has also worked as an Arts Educator for 11 years at The Raise-an-Artist Project, teaching a variety of media, including embroidery, to kids of all ages.


Kelly Lucas

Kelly is a teacher by training, having worked at the Evergreen Brickworks in Toronto teaching children and adults about the natural world and how we can create stronger connections with it.  She has been working intensely on her naturalist skills over the last 6 years through apprenticeships at the Earth Tracks Outdoor School, through the PINE Project and through extensive study with local herbalists.  She also spends every moment she can outdoors connecting with the land and everything it provides us. 

She comes to this area after moving into a different field of work, learning to grow organic hops at Goodlot Farmstead Brewing in Alton. 

Kelly’s goal, through the workshops she leads, is to engage with the people around her and to connect them to nature.  She is passionate about herbal medicine, wildcrafting, ethical and sustainable foraging, birding and wildlife tracking and hopes to bring these passions to the people she teaches. 


Carrole Blakeman

Carrole Blakeman is a local artist whose current work is focused on textile arts.

Carrole creates distinctive scarves and shawls in linen, silk and cotton, using natural dyes.

For the past 7 years, her focus has been on Indigo dyeing.

Shaped resist techniques are used, where the cloth is drawn up to create intricate patterns by resisting the dyes.

Carrole owns Copper Fox Design in the Hockley Valley. Her work is available through Rare Threads Gallery in the Alton Mill, as well as shows across Ontario.


Ashley Mariani M.S.W, R.S.W

Ashley is a Parent, Partner, Clinical Social Worker, Psychotherapist and public speaker specializing in both perinatal mental health and building relationships. With over 5 years clinical experience. Ashley decided to launch her private practice, MindOnline, after recognizing the need for convenient, accessible and inclusive service for all couples and new parents, families and relationships of all capacities. 

Her holistic approach to wellness allows her to incorporate many therapeutic modalities and lenses into her work with clients. 

Ashley is a Wilfred Laurier University grad where she did her Masters of Social Work and went on to complete many additional trainings to best support the couples that she serves. 

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Emily Quinton

Born and raised city kid, Emily transplanted to Caledon a little over 2 years ago and has never looked back (except to get the occasional St. Lawrence Market fix and visit Mom). Homesteader, people-lover, explorer and puppy enthusiast, her day job is marketing and equipping the awesome region of Headwaters for the Ministry of Tourism. By night (and weekend), Emily is one half of Goose & Gander Kitchen, a private dining and catering outfit with a mission to put our incredible local farms on menus year-round. Emily's secret powers include finding sunshine in every day, and carrying in one trip what should have been carried in two.

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Amanda White

Amanda is an artist and gardner, and has a teeny tiny flower farm in Terra Cotta.  You can find her at the Georgetown Farmers Market on Saturday mornings throughout the summer.  When she is not tending to her plants, she is most likely curled up somewhere reading about spaceships or dragons.

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Yvonne Westover

Yvonne Westover is a Certified Zentangle Teacher ™ who also holds a degree in Fine Art.

 A life long artist, she often enjoys the process more than the outcome. Her work has been published and produced in magazines, calendars, stationery and accessories. She has led art workshops, camps and school programs for young and old over the last 5 years.

Yvonne’s a Brampton Local and when she’s not making art,

 she spends her time with her head in the clouds as a Flight Attendant.

Yvonne is a collector of patterns & pebbles, the dessert menu is required reading

and snow is her favourite season! 

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Tara McKenna

Tara McKenna, a Guelph local, is an environmental land use planner by day, and zero waste advocate all of the time! As a kid she wondered where our trash went when we threw things 'away', but ultimately, didn't give it too much thought until more recent years. Tara's travels across the world demonstrated that garbage is a global problem. Having seen trash floating in the beautiful waters of Bali, to finding litter along the Bruce Trail, she is passionate about reducing waste at its source. Tara shares her experiences with low waste living on Instagram and Facebook under the name Mindfully Sustainable. Through Mindfully Sustainable, she inspires others to join the zero waste lifestyle. 

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Michele Johnston

Michele Johnston (a.k.a. Monarch) holds an Honours Degree in Psychology and Social Work. She has over 16 years experience working with children as an Educator and has trained in Expressive Arts Therapy.   Michele chooses to focus on using The Arts as a tool for people to express themselves, and being a spiritual companion along with them on their journey.  She is a guide-a mentor if you will, here to help those who are willing to transform their lives or state of well-being into something more positive.


Scotch + Line

Stephanie is a wife and mother to 3 busy and wonderful children. She is an avid DIY’er, furniture flipper, thrift store junkie and coffee lover. Her philosophy is,  "being creative doesn’t have to be time consuming, over whelming or perfect. It can be as simple as taking something you already own, adding a little paint and loving it once again."  Stephanie loves bringing people together to share the experience of DIYing and feels that the sharing of it makes it that much more fun.

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Melissa Mary Jenkins

Inspired by natural surroundings, my paintings reflect the fluidity of the seasons and the movement of my soul in nature.  I live in a lovely rural setting in an old stone farm house surrounded vibrant landscapes. My studio is framed by windows looking out onto dazzling golden fields, towering pine trees, a flourishing apple orchard and a natural pond. I embark on daily outdoor adventures with our twin girls and puppy named Mylo, in which we sketch the lines in nature and then warm up by our wood stove and translate our sketches into abstract landscape paintings. My paintings reflect the colours of the seasons, the lines of the hills surrounding our home and the trees dotting the horizon.

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Erin Wynn

Erin Wynn is a Queens University graduate who started her career downtown working in advertising. In 2004, after the birth of her second daughter, Erin found her self disappointed with the level and quality of arts classes at their local school. Erin took it upon herself to create an after school arts programme that was later picked up by area private and public schools as well as local libraries and art centres. She later left her career in advertising to lead these after school programmes full time.

In 2015, Erin created The Doodle Post: a mail order craft subscription for kids. She currently runs her business out of her home in Newmarket, Ontario.The Doodle Post ships worldwide and is sold exclusively online at

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Praise Cheese

We are two girls with an evangelical love of cheese and a commitment to spreading the word of curd. We have combined our passions of food, learning and accompanying shenanigans (ask us about the tequila pairings night ;)). 


With Lauren’s expertise of Learning and Education combined with Sarah’s knowledge of all things food and drink, we bring you truly unique gastronomical social events that will leave you with a great taste and wanting more.

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Alicia Spence

ALICIA SPENCE is a Toronto based designer, letterer and artist. Self taught in the arts, she loves to teach others what she has learned in a fun, thorough and easy-to-grasp teaching style that she's developed through the years practising and instructing art. She thinks everyone should learn the Art of Writing and keep calligraphy alive in the modern age!

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Judy Anderson

kukucaju is the small design studio of artist Judy Anderson, offering up a sweet and soured world that explores the curious crevices of our shared imaginations. With a capacity to be both progressive and regressive, the kukucaju aesthetic blends low tech art-making with the wide-eye naïvety of childhood and the reluctant knowing of an adult.  

Art world precursors include Edward Gorey, Roz Chast, Lynda Barry and Whacky Packs. 

A graduate of OCAD, with a BFA, and an eye for fun, kukuca-Judy brings the playful and the peculiar to all she makes!

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Love Lettering

Doris is a proud mom of a beautiful daughter, Melody and mini schnauzer Pepper, and the wife of a wonderful husband Tan. She is an entrepreneur, illustration graduate from OCADU, an author, a major foodie and wishes she could travel more.

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